type EB rigid conduit

Type EB Rigid PVC Conduit Electrical Pipe

Quality Certification:

– UL Listed

– Compliance with  ASTM D1784-20

white certificaiton e1705560484577


Type EB (encased burial) PVC conduit is intended for encasement in concrete in trenches outside of buildings

• PVC material test by ASTM .
• In accordance with UL651 Standard
• PVC material which is corrosion resistant.
• Impact resistant.
• Self extinguishing, fifire resistant.
• Smooth interior and outside.
• Produced in standard 20′ Lengths or 10′ lengths with a belled end.

Product Details

industry standard

Meet international quality standards

Ctube has implemented a thorough quality control program to guarantee the product portfolio of PVC conduit & accessories is designed, developed, and tested to match international quality standards and demanding environments.  Type EB rigid conduit conforms to UL651 and PVC material test: ASTM D1784-20.

Designed for for underground concrete encased burial

Type EB PVC rigid conduit is a type of electrical conduit made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is specifically designed for use in underground applications. It is encased in concrete for added protection. such as telecommunications systems.

Underground-conduit- depth
sunlight resistant

Durable and long-lasting

Type EB PVC rigid conduit is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and UV rays, making it a long-lasting and reliable solution for underground applications. Besides, It is lighter than metal conduit, making it easier to handle and install.


Tensile Strength 4000 lbf/in2 (2.76 kN/cm2)
Extrusion Fusion
Water Absorption ﹤0.50% of Whole Weight After Soak
Resistance to Crushing ID≥70% After Test
Resistance to   Impact Less Than 3 of 1/32 inch Cracks &   Tears
Deflection under Load ﹤0.25mm (0.010   inch) Deformation
Fire Rating UL 94V-0
Resistance to Specific Reagents Less ±2.50% Weight After 60 / 120 Days Soak
Permanency of Printing Yes
Rust & Sunlight Resistant Yes
Color Grey or OEM
Material PVC
Customization Services Available
Place of   Origin Dongguan, China
Shipping By sea
Samples Available
Length 10ft or 20ft.

Size Chart

type eb pvc conduit


Information to be marked on conduits,

a) The phrase “rigid PVC conduit,

b) The trade size of the conduit product,

c) The name or trademark of the manufacturer or any other distinctive marking by means of which the organization responsible for the product can be readily identified

d) The date or other dating period of manufacture not exceeding any three consecutive months.
For an elbow the date of manufacture is to be the date that:

1) The conduit is extruded when both extrusion and bending occur at the same location or
2) The elbow was formed, where the conduit is extruded at a different location.

e) All markings shall be repeated at uniform intervals and shall appear at least every 10 feet (3 m), but not less than once, on each straight length of PVC conduit.


1.What is your MOQ ?
Depend on your order (different kinds of items have different MOQ )

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Normally, the time of delivery duration is around 15-30 days.

3. What is the shipping port ?
We ship the goods via Shenzhen Port, Guangzhou Port.

4. What is your payment term ?
We accept T/T or L/C.

5. How should I contact you ?
You can contact us by submit the contact form or send us an email.

6. How about the samples ?
Our samples are free . We could send you the sample, most samples are free to send to most places.

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We always take additional measures to make our customers satisfied with the quality, efficiency and marketability of our products. With high quality and a wide range of products, we have established long-term cooperation with many customers from different areas of the world.

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