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Professional AS/NZS 2053 PVC Conduit and fittings Supplier & Manufacturer

Our AS/NZS 2053 certified PVC conduit and fittings are designed to meet the specific requirements of the Australian and New Zealand markets. They offer excellent protection for electrical wiring, with resistance to corrosion, impact, and environmental factors. Additionally, our conduit and fittings are easy to install, making them a preferred choice for electricians and contractors in the region. 

As an AS/NZS 2053 certified supplier, we prioritize the safety, durability, and performance of our PVC conduit and fittings. Our products are meticulously manufactured using top-grade materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to ensure exceptional quality and reliability.

All AS/NZS 2053 PVC conduit and fittings can be used in outdoors and indoors projects. Like outdoors high UV Exposure, underground, concrete, seaside and industrial.

  • Certified by AS/NZS 2053, CE, IEC, UL94 5VA
  • Flame retardant
  • Resistance to UV
  • Temperature range -15℃ to +105℃
  • Resistance to compression Minimum750Nt/5cm and 1250Nt/5cm
  • Color and size can be customized

Product Collections

Ctube 澳标 杯梳3

Plain to Screwed Male Terminal Adapter Connector

adapter connector

Corrugated to Screwed Male Terminal Adapter Connector

as-nzs2053 conduit coupling

Rigid Expansion Coupling

90 Degree Sweep Bend

90 Degree Sweep Bend

as nzs 2053 pvc elbow 2

90 Degree Solid Elbow


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Product Authentication

Conduit Applications

residential and commercial buildings e1696478350324

Building Wiring Systems

PVC Conduit pipes are widely used in both residential and commercial buildings to protect and route electrical wiring. This helps to prevent damage to the wiring and also makes it easier to organize and maintain the electrical system.

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

In manufacturing and industrial settings, PVC conduit pipes are often used to protect and route control cables, communication cables, and power cables. This helps to ensure the reliability and safety of the automated systems.

Transportation Systems

Transportation Systems

PVC conduit pipes can be used to protect and route cables for various transportation systems, such as trains, subways, and airports. This helps to ensure the safety and reliability of these systems.

Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable Energy Systems

PVC conduit pipes can be used to protect and route cables for wind turbines, solar panels, and other renewable energy systems. This helps to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the systems

Data Centers

Data Centers

PVC conduit pipes are commonly used in data centers to protect and route high-speed data cables. This helps to ensure the reliable and fast transmission of data.



PVC conduit pipes can also be used in telecommunications applications to protect and route communication cables.

Why Choose Ctube

Ctube is a professional electrical conduit pipe and fittings supplier with over 10 years of experience, focusing on electrical PVC conduit pipes  OEM/ODM service for leading brands worldwide. We aim to become the leading global supplier in our industry and specialize in developing and manufacturing high-quality, user-friendly PVC conduit pipes and fittings.

10+ Years of Experience

10+ years of electrical conduit industry experience offer a full range of conduit pipe product choices

Full Certifications

ISO 9001 Quality System Certification. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification SGS, ROSH, CNAS, CE, IEC Certification

All Customer Served

Have experience working with both end-user and trading companies, Understand the difference between clients and users.

Customization Solution

We can customize various details of your product, including materials, colors, size, printing, and the rest.

Ctube Cooperation Process


Please provide details of your requirements and submit your inquiry. Our customer support team will respond via email within a few hours and assign a sales manager to work with you.


Within two business days or less, we will provide you with product quotes. Once you’ve received the quotes, we’ll send you product samples for your review. Once you’ve confirmed that the samples meet your expectations, we can proceed with your order.


Before placing a bulk order, please verify all product details with your sales manager. They will work closely with the factories, oversee production, and ensure product quality meets your expectations.


Once the products have been manufactured and meet your quality standards, we will arrange transportation according to your specific requirements and ensure safe delivery of your goods.

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