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Wide range of products available, including Adaptable boxes, Junction Boxes, Elbow, Sweep Bend, Coupling, electrical boxes


Professional Electrical Conduit Fittings and Accessories Supplier & Manufacturer

As a leading plastic PVC conduit pipe manufacturer and supplier. We offer full line of PVC electrical products includeing fittings and accessories. In order to meet the different market demands. We have developed different standards. Like Australian standard conduits and fittings for the Australian market,  Low smoke and halogen-free conduit and fittings are suitable for many different markets.

With 10 years of experience manufacturing fittings and accessories, you can trust Ctube to provide quality PVC electrical fittings and accessories. Our PVC fittings are easy-to-install and offer non-conductivity, high impact, tensile strength, industry certifications, and resistance to wide range of chemicals, acids, and salt.

Our fittings and accessories includes Adaptable Boxes,  Junction Boxes, Elbows & Bends, Couplings, Conduit Strap & Clip and others.

Our PVC conduits and fittings are designed for professional use and meet industry standards. Contact us today to learn more and place your wholesale order.

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Fittings and Accessories


 Adaptable Box


Junction Box

90 Degree Solar Standard Bend

Standard Bend

90 Degree Solar Solid Elbow

 90 Degree Solid Elbow


 Adapter Connector


Rigid Expansion Coupling


U Shape PVC Conduit Clip


Straight Tree


Extension Ring


Corrugated To Screw Adapters

Degree sweep bend

Sweep Bend


Half Saddle with Nail

metal conduit strap

Metal conduit strap


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Why Choose Ctube

Ctube is a professional electrical conduit pipe and fittings supplier with over 10 years of experience, focusing on electrical PVC conduit pipes  OEM/ODM service for leading brands worldwide. We aim to become the leading global supplier in our industry and specialize in developing and manufacturing high-quality, user-friendly PVC conduit pipes and fittings.

10+ Years of Experience

10+ years of electrical conduit industry experience offer a full range of conduit pipe product choices

Full Certifications

ISO 9001 Quality System Certification. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification SGS, ROSH, CNAS, CE, IEC Certification

All Customer Served

Have experience working with both end-user and trading companies, Understand the difference between clients and users.

Customization Solution

We can customize various details of your product, including materials, colors, size, printing, and the rest.

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Ctube focuses on the plastic electrical conduit field, around the customer’s demand for products, technology and services.

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